Smile lesson with a person from New Jersey, USA アメリカ ニュージャージー州の方とマンツーマンレッスン


通訳にはリリーさんのご友人 久美子さんに入っていただき、とても楽しくすばらしい時間となりました。


Just finished my first smile training with Ms. Kawano.
A great session that was well-structured, attentive to my smile fears (big mouth, showing teeth or not, fat cheek, looking fake etc.), rich in both knowledge (key smile-related facial muscles) and practices (e.g. 2-minute ah-wu exercise), with note taking and before/after photos real time.
Having done a lot of coaching myself, I can immediately tell that Ms. Kawano has trained numerous people to have refined her curriculum. She is dynamic and adaptive, and most importantly, patient, while staying focused on addressing key issues. I also felt she has a genuinely great heart to bring smiles and happiness to more people in the world.
It’s so great that zoom/technology has made it seamless for me to take this training from the U.S. For anybody who, either for public or private reasons, wants to have a greater smiling presence, I would highly recommend Ms. Kawano because she’s really studied the art and science of smiling.
Here I am also grateful for Kumiko who translated (and smiles) beautifully.
しっかりと構成された素晴らしいセッションで、私の笑顔に対する不安(口が大きい、歯が見えるかどうか、頬が太い、偽物に見えるなど)に注意が払われ、知識(笑顔に関係する重要な顔の筋肉)と実践(例: 2-)の両方が豊富でした。 1分間のアーウーエクササイズ)、メモを取ることと、リアルタイムで前後の写真を撮ります。
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